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About Me

As a millennial growing up in the post-Al Gore climate change awareness revolution, I have always been fascinated by technology and work done to relieve our planet from all the damage from our fossil foolishness.

However, coming into university, there was little to no guidance for how to get involved or even educated on the topic.

The climate issue to me seemed overwhelming not only because of how entrenched energy consumption is with almost every aspect of our modern lives but also because the media hype around new technology has always promised a green future that was already here.

Despite hearing countless advancements in solar, wind, or waste technology, whenever I walked down the street and in the community, I always asked myself where real progress was.

So in May 2018 I got involved at my university with the student chapter Association of Energy Engineers, as well as the National Society of Black Engineers, and I began to educate myself and other students about sustainable topics by hosting meetings and events with professionals in the industry.

Over the past three years, faculty advisors and mentors have guided me to publish a two separate research papers on nuclear reactors as well solar technology markets in Georgia in 2019.

As a result of my leadership, I won two scholarships and three student chapter national awards with the Association of Energy Engineers in the fall of 2020; however, I believe my work is just beginning.

I have found that many students are like myself when I first started and knew nothing about green technology or environmental equity.

As an engineer and academic, I hope to and lean into the more challenging issues that we face so that people like myself can create a better future.


Association of Energy Engineers

Student Chapter President

Apr 2019 Present

Co-ordinate presentations, marketing promotions and outreach. Introduce speakers at chapter meetings, establish meeting locations, help spread word to students about AEE's involvement on campus.

Association of Energy Engineers

Student Chapter Vice President

Apr 2018 Apr 2019

Elevate chapter to provide impactful and educational campus involvement when assistance is required with booking speakers or networking.

Education & Experience

Kennesaw State University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Fall 2021

Krones AG

Engineering Apprentice

May 2018
Aug 2018

Overview: Familiarized and acclimated to German work culture, expectations, and performance.

Skills learned: Assembly Development, Intercultural Communication Skills, Hand Skills/Machining

- Redesigned single-acting pneumatic actuator into a dual-acting linear drive for beverage carriers, andregistered an international patent under this new design.

- Presented new machine at Bad Aibling Vocational School to mechanical engineering students.

University of California, Berkeley

Engineering Advisor

May 2017
July 2017

Overview: Demonstrated a real-life, hands-on exposure of engineering through structural design challenges, robotics and circuitry workshops, as well as a capstone project development for gifted high school students from around the world.

Skills learned: Leadership/Mentoring, Event Coordination, Team building, Role Playing/Acting

- Helped shape an experience for students by framing the day with activities and expectations.

- Interacted with and supervised students to provide a safe and productive learning environment.

Publications & Media

Educator Carnell Tate Helps Failing Students Tap Into Their Academic Potential

The American Reporter

July 21, 2020

Higher education leader Carnell Tate is passionate about creating lasting change, starting with education. Since 2015, he has been helping students and educators connect with professionals as an engineering student and mathematics tutor.

With half a decade of experience as an educator, Carnell uses his perspective as a student leader and a millennial to relate to students. He attracts, motivates, and leads students to better outcomes. To secure their academic success, he uses his experiences to connect students with professional opportunities such as interdisciplinary exposure to mechanical, civil, electrical, computer engineering as well as architecture and construction management.

U.S. Clean Carbon Costs: An Investigation of Georgia Markets and Solar Technology

Carnell Tate

Apr 15, 2019

Abstract: This paper investigates how geographical variations affect energy costs throughout the United States by using a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) model. The objective was to deconstruct a nationwide LCOE model and investigate the assumptions that are made on a state level; in this case, Georgia was the chosen sample to exhibit how challenges in solar technology affect the cost of clean carbon energy.

Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow in a Molten Salt Reactor

Alisa Machiwalla and Carnell Tate

Nov 11, 2018

Abstract: Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) are a generation IV reactors that have been selected by the World Nuclear Association for its potential in the advancement of reactor sustainability, economics, safety, reliability, and proliferation-resistance. Literature shows differing mixed composition of uranium and fluoride salts being utilized in the reactor core. Depending on the mixed composition, each mix has different effects on the core overall temperature distribution. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was used as a tool to study the influence of the different mixes on temperature distribution and geometry in homogenizing the flow velocity within the reactor. This research may lead to a more reliable, efficient and safer MSR reactor design.


AEE International Al Thumann Scholarship

Award Recipient

Sept 2020

AEE Atlanta Chapter Scholarship

Award Recipient

Sept 2020

Best Community Service

Award Recipient

Sept 2020

Outstanding Student Chapter Member

Award Recipient

Sept 2020

Best Student Chapter Member Meeting

Award Recipient

Sept 2020

Best Overall Student Chapter Performance

Award Recipient

Sept 2019

Best Student Chapter Member Meeting

Award Recipient

Sept 2019

Bagwell Center Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award

Award Recipient

Apr 2019

Best Overall Student Chapter Performance

Sept 2018

Reade Scholarship

Award Recipient

Aug 2016

University of North Georgia National Parliamentary Debate Association Championship

1st Place Winner

Sept 2016